Address Verification

911 Address Verification

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    Development Services 9-1-1 Address Verification

  3. Address Verification

    Kaufman County Development Services is the addressing Authority for Kaufman County. Kaufman County. Appraisal District (CAD) or other entities may have addressing information that is outdated or incorrect. Verification of 911 Addresses must come from Kaufman County.


    Please provide any information that might assist in determining the property to which an address verification is requested.

  5. Nearest Neighbor Information
  6. To your knowledge was/is the address assigned to a specific structure?
  8. Information gathered is used to help identify the property that an address verification is being requested. Addresses are not a legal description of property. Addresses are assigned to direct emergency responders, and others to identify property, entrances, and/or structures. As property is divided or sold entrances changed and/or structures added or removed the numerical assignments may need to be adjusted in type, shifted in location, or changed. Significant changes may result in a fee not to exceed the fee for a new address point.

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