Subdivision Final Address

911 Subdivision FINAL Address Application

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  2. Kaufman County, Texas

    Development Services: 9-1-1 Address Application


  3. Information gathered is used to help emergency service personnel respond to 9-1-1 calls. This form must be completed for all structures in the unincorporated areas of Kaufman County. Please note that the naming of roads or assignment / reassignment of an address is a ministerial act. Kaufman County, its employees or agents, do not warrant or assure that any road or easement is public or private nor what parties or landowners have a right to use the easement.

  4. Property Ownership*

    Please provide any information that might assist in locating your property.


    1. FORM - Address Application Development Final

    2. Copy of any Preliminary Address provided

    3. Geo rectified Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) or shapefiles (min road center lines and parcel lines)

    4. Copy of plat recorded with Kaufman County Clerk (Commercial development must have platting authority approval)

    5. $40 per address fees is due prior to release of final address

    Early final submissions may be made as recording is approaching. Early submission must include items 1-3 with an estimated recording date. This allows us to start to build the roads into our system, lessening wait times following recording.

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