Precinct 1 Commissioner Mike Hunt

To contact Precinct 1 for road work of any kind please email or call 469-376-4156.

Kaufman County Precinct 1 set some lofty goals for the 2023 Road Season. We are doing total road rebuilds on roads or preventative maintenance on roads built in the last several years. We are using this proactive approach, so as to protect the investment of tax dollars and increase the longevity of the road. We are doing well and if we meet our goals we hope to exceed them weather and money permitting. The citizens of Precinct 1 have been very understanding and realized the consistency and time it takes to make progress on such a huge endeavor. The guys, gals, and myself want to say thank you.

Reconstructed Roads 2023:

Bradeen LnCo Rd 120 ( Pending)Co Rd 153 ( Fair Rd)Co Rd 114Cheryl Ln
Diane Co Rd 131 (Pending)Co Rd 281Cardinal LnClearwater Ranch
Co Rd 149Co Rd 131A ( Pending)Co Rd 171Crow LnAnglin Way
Co Rd 137Co Rd 131B (Pending)Co Rd 282Lakeview Cir Curtis Ln

Preventative Maintenance 2023:

Co Rd 122Co Rd 153ACo Rd 136ACo Rd 167Co Rd 281Rollingwood PlRolling Oaks DrSunset DrHighland Acres
Co Rd 123Co Rd 105Co Rd 104Co Rd 170Byron RdRolling Cedar LnRolling Oaks CirJames DrBluebird Ln
Co Rd 121 Co Rd 134ACo Rd 132Co Rd 151APam LnBandera LoopRolling Heights CirPea Ridge Rd

Co Rd 122BCo Rd 130Co Rd 106Co Rd 168Sue Ann LnBandera DrSilverado LoopBowie LnRaymond Rd 
Co Rd 133Co Rd 102Co Rd 103Co Rd 142 Reese Rd Lorraine LnSilverado DrSapphire BlvdWilson Rd 
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                                                                    Projected Road List for 2024

Co Rd 109 East West to Bridge
Co Rd 133A
Co Rd 135
Co Rd 136C
Co Rd 141
Co Rd 146
Co Rd 147
CO Rd 148
Co Rd 154
Co Rd 161
Co Rd 262
Timber Creek
Co Rd 277

Pct 1 Road Report 2023 - 2024

Any road work needed on FM roads, or State Highways, must be directed to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) at 972-962-3848. Any roadwork needed inside city limits must be directed to the respective city.