Who qualifies for a Protective Order?
  • Members of a dating relationship
  • Members of the same household:
    • Individuals living together in the same dwelling unit without regard to whether they are related
    • Individuals who previously lived in a household
  • Members of the same family
    • Individuals related by blood
    • Individuals related by marriage
    • Individuals who are former spouses of each other
    • Individuals who are the parents of the same child without regard to marriage
    • Foster child and foster parent without regard to whether those individuals live together
  • Every victim of sexual assault

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1. Who qualifies for a Protective Order?
2. Who is entitled to a Protective Order?
3. Who can file for a Protective Order?
4. Can a minor file for a Protective Order?
5. Who can file for a minor?
6. How much does it cost?
7. How does the Texas Family Code and the courts refer to someone who files for a Protective Order?
8. How does the Texas Family Code and the courts refer to someone who a Protective Order is filed against?
9. What is family violence?
10. What is an imminent threat?
11. In which County do you file a Protective Order?
12. Who represents you in a Protective Order?
13. How long does it take to get a Protective Order?
14. What can you do to kick the Respondent out of the house?
15. If the Respondent is excluded from the residence, does that mean he is off the title of the house and is no longer responsible for house payments?
16. If a final Protective Order is granted, what is the Respondent generally prohibited from doing?
17. Can you keep the Respondent from getting your current address, telephone number, and place of employment?
18. What is the difference between a Temporary Ex Parte Protective Order and a Final Protective Order after a Hearing?
19. Why would an extension be needed?
20. Does the Respondent have to be served again if they ask for the hearing to be rescheduled?
21. If the Respondent violates a final Protective Order, what are consequences?
22. Will the Police or the Sheriff’s Office have a copy of your Protective Order on file at their office?
23. How long is a final Protective Order good?
24. What happens if the Respondent has been served notice of the hearing for a final Protective Order and does not show up for court?
25. Can I get another final Protective Order after the first one expires?
26. What happens if the Respondent agrees to the final Protective Order?
27. Are the consequences less if the Respondent agrees?