County Engineer

Garrett graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. After graduating Garrett took a job in Tucson, Arizona where he worked as the Traffic Control Engineer for the massive Interstate-10 expansion project. After working in Tucson for eight months Garrett returned to Texas to take a job with MWH Constructors in Grand Prairie. There, Garrett was a project engineer overseeing the installation of mechanical equipment for a wastewater treatment plant. Altogether, Garrett has more than four years of experience working in the construction industry.

Kaufman County Thoroughfare Plan

This map shows the required right-of-way and designation/operation of the roadways within Kaufman County.

Floodplain Study

Click HERE to learn more about what Kaufman County has been doing to combat the increase in flood-related issues across the county.

Kaufman County Floodplain Management

Flood Plain Permit Application

A Flood Plain Permit is required any time development occurs in any unincorporated area designated by the FEMA map to be in a flood plain.

  1. Garrett Moore photo

    Garrett Moore

    County Engineer

  2. Physical Address
    101 N. Houston Street
    Kaufman, TX 75142