How do I initiate the quarterly payment plan to pay my property taxes?

This option applies only to property the person occupies as a residence homestead, and only to those persons who are disabled or 65 years of age or considered totally disabled under Supplemental Security Income (SSI). If you are qualified for over 65 or disabled exemptions, you may make your payments in four equal installments without incurring penalty and interest, if paid in the following manner:

  • 1st payment paid by January 31
  • 2nd payment paid by March 31
  • 3rd payment paid by May 31 and
  • 4th payment paid by July 31

The U.S. Postal Service postmark is used to determine the timeliness of mailed payments. If you fail to make a payment before the due date, the unpaid amount is delinquent and incurs penalty and interest as provided by Texas Tax Code section 31.031 (b) and 33.01 (c).

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