Truth in Taxation

Kaufman County residents pay taxes to many different entities but all of the taxes are collected through Kaufman County. Each of the participating entitles contract with the County to have their taxes collected, which Kaufman County then distributes accordingly to those entities Many people are under the assumption that all taxes collected stay with Kaufman County. Click the link below to find out the tax rates for each of the entities who contract with the County for collection. 

CLICK HERE to see the five-year history of each entity's tax rates. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Kaufman County has reduced its property tax rate for the past five years consecutively. See below for a history of adopted rates.

2015                     0.5762

2016                     0.5887

2017                     0.5887

2018                     0.5887

2019                     0.537112

2020                     0.504957

2021                     0.461171

2022                     0.416262

2023 (proposed)  0.411458                  

See proposed 2023-24 Budget HERE