Tax Sales/Auctions

on the What is a Tax Sale? 

The Kaufman County Sheriff's Office Tax Sales have moved out of the courtroom, and onto the internet. In Kaufman County, properties with taxes due are sold at public auction to the highest bidder. Bidding starts at taxes due plus interest and penalties and other expenses incurred in making the sale. The lien on the property then passes to the tax sale purchaser, who is issued a tax sale certificate that is valid for two years, unless the property is redeemed.

When are the online Tax Sales held?

Online Tax Sales are held on the first Tuesday of every month if there is property to sell starting at 10 a.m. If there are no properties to sell at this time there will not be a sale on those Tuesdays. Once interested bidders log in, they can view property for sale if there is any in Kaufman County.

Click HERE to go to the online auction portal.

Who hosts the online link?

The Kaufman County Sheriff's Office contracts with RealForeclose, a web -based online solution powered by online software auction company, LLC. RealForeclose moves the sale of Kaufman County's tax sales out of the courtroom, and onto the internet. 

The Online Sales Website registration allows interested bidders to register. Simply click the link above and then click on "Register"on the left-hand side of the page to start the process. Bidders can pay their online deposit and fill out all required forms to participate directly on this site. Once the parcels are listed on the site, interested bidders can also research the properties for sale and place "proxy" bids prior to the sale date. 

Please feel free to contact the Customer Service Department with any questions: 

Toll free: I (877) 361-7325 or email: