Meet Our Team

  1. Steve Howie

    Steve Howie

    Emergency Management Coordinator

Steve Howie is currently serving as the Kaufman County Emergency Management Coordinator having held that position since 2010. Previously he had been with the Dallas Fire Department for over 32 years having held the rank of Lieutenant for 20 of those years. Steve has also served as a patrol officer with the Terrell Police Department and in the U.S. Military as a Sergeant. He has also served as a Boy Scout leader (Is an Eagle Scout), Red Cross volunteer and served on the Dallas Area Chapter Board of Directors. In his capacity of Emergency Management Coordinator Steve serves on numerous committees in the region such as the NCTCOG Regional Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee, Co-Chair of the Emergency Management Working Group, Economic Recovery Committee, NCT 911 Strategic Advisory Committee, and Communications Working Group to name a few. Steve has a passion for managing disasters and preparing for them while taking the safety of the Citizens of Kaufman County as his number one priority. He is continually working hard with Federal, State, and Local agencies to ensure their wellbeing and ability to recover from disaster.

  1. Casey 1

    Casey Vance

    Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator

Casey Vance serves as the Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator for Kaufman County. As of October, 2022 Casey began working with Kaufman County having previously served with the City of Kaufman Fire Department for 14 years, the last eight as a Lieutenant. Casey also served in various roles with the Terrell Volunteer Fire Department from 2004 to 2020. Casey graduated in December 2021 Summa Cum Laude from West Texas A&M University with a Bachelor’s degree in emergency management administration. Casey had prior to that an Associate's degree in Fire Technology granted in 2002 as well as an Associate of Arts granted in 2018, both from Trinity Valley Community College. Casey has served in various roles with several professional organizations and currently serves with the Trinity Valley Fire Science Advisory Board. Casey in his spare time enjoys reading, travelling, hunting, as well as shooting sports and any outdoor activities.

  1. Tiffani 1

    Tiffani Followwell

    Emergency Management Specialist

Tiffani Followwell is the Emergency Management Specialist with Kaufman County Emergency Management; she started out as a part time employee back in February 2021 to help with the COVID-19 vaccination hub for the county. Not long after, she was offered a full-time position as the administrative assistant. She has been here for over a year now and is learning a lot of new things and getting the opportunity to help people in our community.  Tiffani received her National Registry EMT certification in June 2023 and is now working on getting her degree in Emergency Management. Tiffani, in her spare time enjoys reading books, traveling, watching sports and hanging out with her family and friends.

The Mission of the Kaufman County Office of Emergency Management is to provide a comprehensive approach and integrated emergency management system that coordinates with community resources to protect lives, property and the environment. This is accomplished through Mitigation, Planning, Preparedness, Recovery (from all natural and man-made hazards that may impact Kaufman County), and Response.

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