Felony Division

The Felony Division prosecutes felony cases filed by law enforcement agencies in Kaufman County, including Domestic Violence and Child Abuse cases. Texas law provides for five different degrees of felony charges ranging from capital cases in which the State can seek the death penalty to state jail felonies where the maximum penalty is two years in a state jail plus a $10,000 fine.

Typically, a team consisting of two prosecutors, an investigator and a paralegal is assigned to each court along with individual teams assigned to both the Domestic Violence Division and the Child Abuse Division. These teams handle cases that are filed in each court from the time of intake through trial, if a trial is necessary.

Felony Division

Marc Moffitt, Chief Prosecutor

Marc Moffitt, Chief Prosecutor

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Amanda Morris, Paralegal

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Walter Hughey, Investigator

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422nd District Court Team

Robyn Beckham, Prosecutor

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Hillary Heisel, Prosecutor

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Kristen Tucker, Paralegal

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Brian Reed, Investigator

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86th District Court Team

Leslie Odom, Prosecutor

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Sheri Shepherd, Prosecutor

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Reyna Cabrera, Paralegal

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Walter Hughey, Investigator

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Special Victims Division

Ashley Holman, Chief Prosecutor


Child Abuse Division

Ashley Holman, Chief Prosecutor

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Taylor McConnell, Prosecutor

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Amanda Morris, Paralegal

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Brandi Dial, Investigator

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Domestic Violence Division

Ashley Holman, Chief Prosecutor

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Justin King, Prosecutor

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Yolanda Murphy, Paralegal

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Sandra Ortiz, Investigator

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