Misdemeanor Division

The Misdemeanor Division prosecutes some felony cases, Class A and Class B misdemeanor offenses as well as Class C criminal traffic offenses filed in Kaufman County Justice of the Peace Courts. Misdemeanor offenses cover a wide range of crimes ranging from speeding to shoplifting to vehicle burglaries and assaults, with the exception of juvenile cases. Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is among the most serious of misdemeanors.

For Class A and B misdemeanors, two prosecutors are typically assigned to each County Court at Law and work with one investigator and one paralegal to prepare and prosecute misdemeanor and some felony cases filed in these courts.

Misdemeanor Division Chief

Alysia Huskey

Alysia Huskey, Chief Prosecutor

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County Court at Law #1

Amanda Brown, Prosecutor

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Timothy O'Brien, Prosecutor

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Kindra Helton, Paralegal

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Austin Jones, Investigator

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County Court at Law #2

Jacquelyn Carpenter, Prosecutor

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Kim Heather, Paralegal

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Austin Jones, Investigator

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