Citizens Academy

Kaufman County District Attorney Citizens Academy


Information regarding the spring 2023 session will be posted soon.

The Kaufman County District Attorney Citizens Academy is a free community outreach program presented by District Attorney Erleigh Norville Wiley and her staff, which provides an informative perspective on the Kaufman County criminal justice system.  This program, comprised of twelve meetings, will show you how a case progresses, from the arrest and indictment of a suspect to a trial and subsequent appeal. If you’ve ever wondered how police agencies and prosecutors operate, or how criminals are brought to justice, this program is a great place to learn.


Each class includes a cross-section of citizens including those living, working, or attending a college in Kaufman County. Participants must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid driver’s license.  The academy is held in the spring and fall each year. 


What topics are covered?

Members of the Kaufman County District Attorney Citizens Academy will hear from speakers spanning all aspects of the criminal justice system.   Speakers include detectives, judges and prosecutors from various divisions throughout the DA’s office.  


How do I sign up?

Information Coming Soon!


For additional information, please contact our office:

Citizen Academy

Kaufman County District Attorney

Kaufman County Justice Center

1902 US HWY 175

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