Internship Program

The Kaufman County Criminal District Attorney's Office offers general internship/externship positions. Qualified candidates will have completed at least one full year of law school. The internship positions provide invaluable experience to a law student who is interested in a career within a District Attorney’s Office.  Our intern will have the opportunity to work closely with assistant district attorneys in a wide variety of areas of prosecution and criminal procedure.   The intern’s assignments will vary depending upon the courts’ schedules but will likely include:

  • Researching and briefing legal issues at the direction of felony, misdemeanor, and civil prosecutors;
  • Assisting prosecutors in motion preparation;
  • Observing live court proceedings, including jury trials, trials before the court, pretrial motion hearings, weekly criminal dockets, and commissioners court;
  • Evaluating new cases in the intake process;
  • Aiding prosecutors in jury trial preparation, which may include contacting witnesses, assembling trial notebooks, and reviewing videos and other evidence; and
  • Watching voir dire and giving input to the prosecutors during jury selection.

The internship is designed to provide a broad range of experience within the district attorney’s office.  The intern can expect their work schedule to shift on a rotating basis between inter-office departments, including: misdemeanor, felony, and CPS.

The internship will last for a minimum of ten weeks and up to twelve weeks during the summer, based upon the intern’s schedule and the office’s needs.  The start and end date are flexible with advance notice.  To apply, please submit the following documents scanned into one PDF file:

  1. Cover letter explaining why you are interested in an internship with our office;
  2. Copy of your resume;
  3. A list of references; and
  4. Up to two letters of recommendation (OPTIONAL).

For applicants who meet the requirements, the office is willing to sponsor a 2L/3L bar card and ensure that the applicant gets courtroom experience, depending on scheduling with the courts. If you are seeking an externship, please provide necessary information regarding externship qualifications and supervisory needs pursuant to your law school’s curriculum requirements. 

Please submit the above documentation to:

Kaufman County Criminal District Attorney’s Office

Attn: Legal Internship Program

100 W. Mulberry

Kaufman, TX 75142